MakeNoise Wogglebug

A Portrait of Wogglebug

“…….The stranger removed his hat with a flourish, bowed very low, and then responded:”Good morning, one and all. I hope you are, as an aggregation, enjoying excellent health. Permit me to present my card.”……..”

The “WoggleBug” is a random voltage generator with application in voltage controlled electronic music synthesizers. It is a continuation of “smooth” and “stepped” fluctuating random voltage sources pioneered by Don Buchla. Additional research was done by Serge Tcherepnin, who coined the terms “smooth” and “stepped”.The core of the circuit is based on the Buchla Model 265 “Source of Uncertainty” module. The design is expanded by using a CD4046 phase locked loop chip as a voltage buffer for Sallen-Key very low frequency smoothing filter.

“Sir,” said the Woggle-Bug, “I take you for a gentleman of judgment and discernment. Does it not occur to you that I am several thousand times greater than any Woggle-Bug you ever saw before? Therefore it is plainly evident that I am Highly Magnified, and there is no good reason why you should doubt the fact.”

From a philosophical perspective, the Woggle Bug was designed to “replace” the control voltages produced by a keyboard during performance. Thus the Woggle Bug replaces the output signals generated by modulation wheels, key CV, and gate with smooth, stepped, and stepped plus LFO control signals (respectively), generated by the module. //taken from the Wiard manual//

“But one, day” continued the Bug, “a marvelous circumstance occurred that altered my very existence and brought me to my present pinnacle of greatness. The Professor discovered me in the act of crawling across the hearth, and before I could escape he had caught me between his thumb and forefinger.”

Until now, the Wogglebug has only been available as the Wiard Wogglebug #5 for the 300 series or as the Wogglebug #3 DIY project, popularized by the folks at electro-music. The Make Noise Wogglebug is neither #3 nor #5. In the truest spirit of Wiard Synthesizers, the Make Noise Wogglebug is not a clone, but instead it is a tribute to all that Woggles, a continuation of the Wogglebug. //taken from the Makenoise manual//

“If you will permit me to seat myself in your august company,” continued the stranger, “I will gladly relate my history, so that you will be better able to comprehend my unusual—may I say remarkable?—appearance.”

Like the #3, the Make Noise Wogglebug is a single Wogglebug system. However, the Make Noise Wogglebug improves upon the #3 by offering further functionality such as an External IN for the ring mod circuit, the ability to directly inject a signal to the heart of the Wogglebug via Heart IN, and the Random Gate Burst function, all of which have never appeared on any Wogglebug. I have also redesigned the Cluster circuit, and thus it has been renamed as CHAOS BALANCE to reflect it’s further purposes. This control now allows for some new functionality that has again, never appeared within any Wogglebug to my knowledge.//taken from the Makenoise manual//


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